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  1. The Pearl

From the album The Pearl

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The Pearl

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For so many years I've wandered
Looking for any way to spend
Every penny of my unearned fortune
Trying to buy what I couldn't comprehend

So I purchased the night with my folly
And I gambled the sun away
Then I burned it all to hell and fell
Into the filthy clay

And there in the mud I found it
The pearl I never wanted
Life's not what I thought it was
Grief and Love are so dearly acquainted

Now I've written the song that fools sing
Lend me an ear and I'll give you both hands
If not as your son, just to work here
I'd trade my name to be a slave in your lands

Father, master whoever you are
Your son was lost in pretension
I'm just his ghost don't mistake me
For more than a shadow in need of redemption